(From my novel-in-stories, excerpt featured @ Hobart

Like I said, it could be anything, but it’s got to be something. Maybe mass suicide. Give Lakshmi everything she’s always wanted and on top of that, make it a family affair. Use our savings to buy four tickets to New York City. Show the girls where we met, where we lived, plump up their bellies with Egyptian food, lamb stuffed with lamb, hummus, mezza, honey cake one night, the next night, Greek. Whole fish and lemon potatoes, gain 5 pounds each, go to sleep in a big heap in the hotel living room as one big, fattened up family, walk the Brooklyn Bridge, eat pizza, real pizza, steal a bike, steal four bikes, ride ragged, ride through Central Park, go to church, any church, sing hymns, cry, pull them close, teach them how to ride the train, how to stand holding their bodies strong, legs apart. Go out in style, eat a lobster dinner, one lobster each, Dahlia won’t like it, order her another, tell her to put it in her ears, laugh, order another lobster or five, tell them it’s getting to be time, take them to the Plaza, ask to play a tune on the piano, throw the rest of your life’s savings (not much) off the balcony ledge onto the polished marble floor, watch a twenty land in a glass of champagne, grab hands, parent child parent child, jump off the balcony, listen to the bell hops scream.



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  • Finalist for the 2015 Indiana Review 1/2 K Prize, judged by Kim Chinquee
  • Finalist for the Iowa Review Award in Fiction 2014, judged by Rachel Kushner